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Fit individuals, peaceful roads, clean environment and happy customers: the value creation at Rent-A-Cycle revolves around these core values. Making quality bicycles available to you in an easy way are the three school friends who started Rent-A-Cycle for their love for cycling, sports and fitness.


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A fitness freak who prefers calisthenics over weights, inspires people to jog for hours and loves photography. Sings reasonably bad but still enjoys it. Driven by sports, he is pursuing Masters in Sports Management and lays emphasis on the importance of sports in the overall development of the individuals and the society. For his love of cycling, Varun founded Rent-A-Cycle.
Co Founder
A singer and composer, plays guitar and reads philosophy. Anant likes showing up for random auditions to make sure the dramatist in him stays alive. Other times he is found at the High Court, debating and living his other side. Anant is a lawyer by profession and a sports enthusiast by choice who takes care of the legal aspects of Rent-A-Cycle.
Co Founder
With thick glasses sticking to his nose, Pulak had to be a Chartered Accountant and a graduate in Law. While one side of his brain makes sure he is surrounded with books, the other side makes run, play football and cycle in and around the city. Pulak has been a goalkeeper since his school days. At Rent-A-Cycle, he manages the finances.
Co Founder
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